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Bruno Hérault


Currently in charge of the Centre for Studies and Strategic Foresight within the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Previously general rapporteur at the Centre for Strategic Analysis (2006-2008), Director of Strategic Foresight at the General Planning Commission (2000-2005), both of which report to the Prime Minister.

Formerly a teacher/researcher in sociology at Bordeaux II University (1988-2000). Led or contributed to many strategic foresight exercises, public policy assessments and diverse university research programmes. Provides teaching and training in several public and private organisations.

Author and co-author of numerous social sciences and strategic foresight articles and works, member of several editorial boards for scientific reviews and councils. Has recently developed a keen interest in the questions surrounding the evolution of food behaviour systems, linked to the major evolving trends impacting our societies.



Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

  • Phone: +33 6 60 46 40 81
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