Three new guest lecturers for the October 2015 course

24 Jul 2015

Three new guest lecturers for the October 2015 course

The Hautes Etudes du Goût – Advanced Studies in Taste program is purposely built on talent and knowledge to allow students to come face to face with the most distinguished researchers, university teachers, and professionals, recognized for their expertise in their given discipline.
In addition to the fundamental teachings that make up the HEG program, each year the Educational Committee offers supplementary lectures to complement the array of topics covered during the program.
Next October, we will therefore be honored to welcome:

Sylvie Amar


Sylvie Amar, a designer dedicated to hospitality, will share her insights on 2015 Food and Tableware trends in Europe, and how decoration, the operation of a restaurant or food trends can influence tableware.
Her sensitivity for the culinary world led to her first creation, her famous cooking hammer, and a prestigious partnership with Pierre Gagnaire. Two key founding blocks that she has continued to explore and to examine more deeply ever since: The search for functionality to support Chefs’ creativity and image.
Thanks to her sound expertise in the world of gastronomy, Sylvie Amar has made design a global support tool, from the creation of objects to the planning of spaces; something she now extends to consulting in brand identity and strategy.


Joël Doré


Joël Doré, PhD, research director at INRA, Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis, a unit within the Micalis Institute “Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health”.
Joël Doré has developed unique expertise in the field of intestinal microbiology. He aims to contribute to a better understanding of the host-microbiota symbiosis in order to support therapeutic choices in the medical field, as well as science-based recommendations in nutritional health.
He will present the latest studies on the human intestinal metagenome and highlight the recent understanding of its importance for nutrition and health



Sylvie Lortal


Sylvie Lortal, PhD, research director at INRA, who has been undertaking fundamental and applied research on cheese ripening mechanisms for the past 25 years, exploring in particular the in situ activity of their enzymes and the biodiversity of technological properties in lactic and propionic acids.
Her presentation on “Fermented foods: 8 000 years of continuous innovation dedicated to taste” will focus on her passion for fermented foods, their unique place in the human diet and the biodiversity of the microbial ecosystems involved.

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