Adrianna Jaworska , Winner of the 2015 Hautes Etudes du Goût Scholarship

19 Jun 2015

Adrianna Jaworska, Winner of the 2015 scholarship for the hautes etudes du gout programAdrianna Jaworska is the winner of the scholarship offered by Le Cordon Bleu International for one of its most prestigious programs: Hautes Etudes du Goût.

Colette Padet, Director of Studies for HEG at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Catherine Baschet, Events and Communications Coordinator from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Dr. Roger Haden from Le Cordon Bleu Australia and Edwige Régnier, HEG project manager, were members of the jury. Adrianna Jaworska impressed the judging panel with her culinary projects as well as a clear understanding that the HEG's interdisciplinary approach will provide her with the opportunity to deepen her knowledge on food studies and broaden her professional perspectives.

Adrianna is a former teacher and interpreter currently working as a culinary projects coordinator in Warsaw, Poland. Following many academic achievements and a successful career in foreign language teaching, her love of pastry pushed her to study French pastry at Le Cordon Bleu  Kobe, Japan where she further worked as an interpreter.  After coming back to Europe in 2014, she has been working closely with young and talented Polish chefs and began working at one of the biggest culinary studios in Poland. Her love of both learning and teaching is responsible for her constant interest in further education opportunities in the culinary field, with special regard to those offering a multidisciplinary approach towards food. She has recently enrolled in one of Poland’s first postgraduate ‘food studies’ programs at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, and in the future, wishes to contribute to the development of this relatively new academic field in Poland.







The other two finalists are:

  • Inmaculada EGEA BOEDO, from Spain. Inma has 15 years experience in web content creation. She also works as a recipe developer and culinary blogger. She graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Madrid Basic Cuisine Certificate in 2015 and wishes to pursue her passion for all things culinary.
  • Jin-Kyung KIM, South Korea. Jin-Kyung graduated from the Master in Gastronomy, Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide in 2008. Since 2012, she has been regularly presenting research papers on the Korean food culture. She is one of the founding members of a Korean gastronomoy research and study group.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Le Cordon Bleu International offers this scholarship. The scholarship awardees from previous years were :

  • 2012 - Sophie Thillaye du Boullay, cuisine commis (France)
  • 2013 - Kelly Donati, lecturer in gastronomy (Australia)
  • 2014 - Mary Brighton, nutritionist (France/United States)

Hautes Etudes du Goût has set its mission as to provide professionals and food lovers with a unique and multidisciplinary program consisting of the latest knowledge on the matters of taste, gastronomy ant the arts of the table, and covering the vast array of disciplines which, put together, define this fascinating universe.
HEG provides the fundamentals of a multitude of subjects which shed light on the meaning of  the act of eating.

Adrianna, who will be our first student from Poland ever, will be just one of 25 participants from around the world who will attend the annual HEG. The multi-facet character of the program is echoed by the great variety of students which Hautes Etudes du Goût has been designed for: Throughout its first 10 years of existence, 200 students have been welcomed, coming from as many as 40 countries and representing 30 crafts and jobs – mostly, but not exclusively, from the world of gastronomy – all driven by their passion for food and willing to share their own culture and personal experiences with their classmates.

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