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Gastronomy: words, images and representations

  • Anne Parizot has a PhD in Linguistics and is a Professor at Reims Champagne-Ardenne University. She teaches semiotics, communication, linguistics and socioterminology.

    This lecture aims to position gastronomy in an encompassing context which connects the 5 senses to semantics. This will be done by addressing the way in which the senses communicate through the intermediary of words, images and representations which build a flavoursome imagination between the Chef and the guest.

    As such, the name given to a type of cuisine or dish, or the image with which they are associated, are elements which reveal the identity and the symbols of a society which is trying to find itself, with transparency and opacity intertwined.

    From the taste of dishes to the taste of others, is the gastronomic dish a fragmented temporality and space reunited?

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