Course Program

Molecular gastronomy and 'note by note' cuisine

Hervé This, Physicochemist at INRA - Collège de France

Development of the current wave of “culinary neo-impressionism”, born from the reconciliation of science and the art of cooking. Can scientific input help culinary art ?

Molecular gastronomy and Note by Note cuisine are not limited to just cooking (or this scientific discipline would be called "molecular cuisine") but includes the physicochemical phenomena connected with human nutrition. In other words, molecular gastronomy also looks at the table arts from a physicochemical angle: cutlery, plates, table cloth, interaction between beverages and dishes, etc.

The course will also focus on:

  • The psychological component of cooking and gastronomy: giving pleasure
  • The artistic component of cuisine and gastronomy: endeavoring to achieve aesthetics in taste (legibility, trends, etc.)
  • The technical component of cooking and gastronomy: physical and chemical phenomena, search for culinary art and craftsmanship.
  • Exploring detailed culinary information to remodel the way culinary know-how is transmitted, to foster sound but forgotten practices, etc.

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