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Researcher in Neurosciences.

"As someone who enjoys thinking of gastronomy, the HEG program intrigued me for a few reasons: its structure, its affiliation, its duration and the opportunity it provides to write a university thesis based on an original topic of choice. I attended the program wanting to improve my understanding of gastronomy, and to search for ways to nurture a strong interest in it.

Having spent a considerable amount of time reading the program website prior to making the decision to join the program, I can say that what I read did not do justice to what I experienced subsequently. The in-person experience was much better.

The structure of the program is spread wide in the gastronomic disciplines it covers, but it is certainly not spread thin. To listen to experts from various disciplines describe concepts based on hard facts, and well-researched data, often times generated as part of their own research, reveals the depth and quality of analysis one is exposed to. To experience the awakening of a large-scale food market at 2:30 AM; to partake in a meal like one would have in the Middle Ages; to think about the life history of a bubble contrasted to individual flavor perception as champagne is served in many ways; or, to experience a memorable meal accompanied by commentary that is full of imagery yet brief, are some examples of what one is exposed to.

The multidisciplinary nature of the program, and the opportunity to stay in contact with people from different backgrounds who share a common interest in gastronomy, are two big strengths of the program I hope to use in the future. "

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Freelance food writer, photographer and recipe developer.

"After moving to the United States from India a year ago, I decided to go back to the drawing board and take a study year to help take my career to the next level. I started my research on programs in gastronomy and came across the HEG brochure. The course looked perfect on paper, short yet comprehensive.

I kept any possible reservations adjourned till the first day of the program, after which they immediately melted away like a watery sorbet on a hot summer’s day. HEG completely exceeded my expectations. The program schedule was beautifully orchestrated by the program coordinator Edwige Sibille, who left no stone unturned. She provided individual attention to all 25 of us attending the program, which left me feeling well taken care of.

The curriculum was carefully structured, touching upon several topics in gastronomy that were both motivating and functional. All though it initially seemed like too much information too fast, I was surprised to see how much I absorbed leaving me with a pool of new ideas for my work. Having had access to some incredibly inspiring gastronomy academics, HEG has given me the confidence to go back in the field and use this knowledge to enhance my work and career. 

Finally, the Pièce de résistance of the program was the people I shared the program with. It was humbling to meet such dynamic people from all over the world, and share a common passion with them. It was a pleasure to be a part of the HEG class of 2013!"

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Radiologist - Grad Dip Gastronomy (LCB), Cert III Commercial Cookery, Grad Cert Food Writing.

"The Hautes Etudes du Gout course was the best course I have ever undertaken, even more intellectually stimulating than my Grad Dip in Gastronomy with Le Cordon Bleu, and more physically exhausting than during my chef training. The information and insight on all aspects of food and wine that I gained has since coloured my everyday life, and the opportunity to write a thesis on a subject of my choice extends the enjoyment.

Partly this came from meeting and living closely together with like-minded foodie students from other parts of the world, because our backgrounds and experience were so varied that every conversation was interesting.

It has been hard to return to my medical career (now only part-time as I transition to retirement) as I want to pursue fulltime the interesting facets of culinary knowledge that I have only just tasted. "

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CEO, The Silveroak Group (fine dining restaurant chain).

" I am totally in awe after attending the highly coveted 'Hautes Etudes du Goût' (HEG) Course of Le Cordon Bleu Paris, jointly organized with the University of Reims Champagne- Ardenne, which leads to the Diplôme Universitaire du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table (DUGGAT).

During the course of my study I have found that the contents and delivery of this program is very scientific. A very careful selection of some of the best professors not only from France but among the best in the world like Prof. Hervé This and other luminaries teach the various modules. Not only one learns from the best, but also one learns the best in terms of pedagogy.

Care is also taken to avoid monotony by scheduling the classes with lectures and practical demonstrations.
The entire study period just whizzes past one, punctuated by serious studies, market visits (even at the dead end of the night like 2am), tasting sessions and bonding with fellow students - chosen selectively from accross the world, over a delicious dinner at a Parisian restaurant after a day of hard work.

One should also commend the time scheduling and the warm hospitality accorded to each and every student during their course of Study in both Paris and Reims.

It is a once in a lifetime experience, and if one deserves to be selected, and finally qualifies this prestigious Diploma, it can change his or her life."

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Haute Etudes du Gout 2013 ClassHautes Etudes du Goût (HEG) welcomed this year their 9th Class : 25 participants from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Latvia, Lebanon, Philippines, Singapour, United Kingdom and United States. They work as chefs (restaurants, flight catering companies, private yachts), tourism operators, event planners, food journalists and writers, lecturers in culinary arts, researcher in neurosciences, restaurant consultant, caterer, medical doctor and founder of the São Paulo Association of Sommeliers, founder and CEO of a gastronomic restaurant chain, etc...

04 Sep 2013 In Human and Social Sciences
  •  Sidonie Naulin is Lecturer in sociology at Sciences Po Grenoble
04 Sep 2013 In Human and Social Sciences
  •  Estelle Masson is a lecturer in social psychology at the Université de Bretagne occidentale.


30 Aug 2013 In Human and Social Sciences

Socio-anthropology of food - food and ethics.

Presented by Vincent Moriniaux, Lecturer at the University Paris-Sorbonne


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Estelle MassonEstelle Masson is lecturer in social psychology at the Université de Bretagne occidentale. She is a member of the Research Centre in Psychology, Cognition and Communication of Brest.

30 Aug 2013 In Guest lecturers

Denis Saillard is a History Professor and researcher at the Center for Cultural History in Contemporary Societies, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.

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