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  Pierre Combris, Director of Research with INRA


Trends in food consumption: economic and social factors.

This class concerns trends in food consumption in France and throughout the world over the last fifty years. It illustrates the radical effect that changing prices and incomes have on our diets.

After presenting the increasing diversity of consumption behaviors, this class focuses on food borne public health problems, which now confront most countries in the world, whatever their stage of development.


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Isabel Correia in her kitchen at Bulles"My little champagne bistro is a new challenge in my already too busy life as a professor of surgery at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

How did this all come about? Well, my relation with gastronomy has a lot to do with my research field which is Nutrition. I have worked for many years with Nutrition for those who cannot eat adequately and in general, the malnourished.

06 Dec 2012 In Success stories

Amy Van - Editor of Appetite Magazine, Singapore, and cookbook author

This book that I co-authored with food writer Christopher Tan, celebrates Singapore's Chinese cuisine. It documents the cultural and culinary heritage of the different dialect groups including Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka and Foochow.

The book offers an overview of the history and culture of Singapore's Chinese community (whose ancestors hail from Southern China), followed by a selection of recipes from familiar favourites to less common dishes, from simple home cooking to more lavish special occasion creations.

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Manager of Sensory and Consumer Insight, Firmenich Flavor Division

" I manage the Sensory and Consumer Insight area of the Firmenich Flavor Division for the whole of Latin America and the universe of taste is part of my current job with focus on innovations in taste supported by food science and engineering, consumer science and marketing.

When I decided to attend the HEG program my key objective was to develop my knowledge of gastronomy and on a personal level I wanted to spend a pleasant time in France, a country I admire enormously and where the gastronomy is a pillar of the culture.

The HEG program exceeded all my expectations. It was total immersion into the world of Taste & Knowledge together with important relationship building experiences with my HEG colleagues, teachers and professionals.

I would say that this program brought fresh perspective and a holistic view of gastronomy - from traditional to creative cuisine, the experience of savoring “terroir” products, the sensation of tasting wines and champagnes, the art of colors, textures and sounds from different  environments, the understanding of the pragmatic link with science, technology and, social and economic disciplines.

It was a great opportunity providing also new insights and innovations to be applied to the market where I work today as well in my career, with a delightful experience of the sense of taste ".

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Pastry chef and chocolatier - R&D, marketing and food design consultant (Paris and Tokyo)

"An unforgettable experience, the HEG course was the best present I could have hoped for, even after 35 years of a professional career in pastry in France and abroad.

My primary motivation was to meet different people from different nationalities and professions, yet we would all have the same common interest – the world of gastronomy – a pure delight.

After establishing a business plan, my ambition is to set up a pastry laboratory for young pastry chefs hoping to validate their skills. The market research, economy and legal professionals I have met during this multidisciplinary program have given me the necessary tools to realize my plans, and apart from that, the teachers’ help and support is available whenever I need it, a real opportunity!

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Sous-chef in an Italian restaurant in Sao Paulo.

"When I discovered HEG through Le Cordon Bleu, I was sure that was the perfect course for me - as a cook, I love food, I love discovering new flavors and more than that, I love the culture and history surrounding food.

At the end of these 2 weeks of HEG I learned a lot, I ate a lot, met people from different countries and for sure I discovered more about myself, my relationship with food and my profession.

It will be very important to enlarge my vision of gastronomy and bring it to my country.

I already miss HEG: the classes, teachers, the new friends. It was a unforgettable experience."

Thesis : Formation of the Brazilian gastronomic identity: cultural and political aspects

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Editor for a major Brazilian food magazine (Prazeres da Mesa)

"First of all, I have to say that I really enjoy food and gastronomy. After spending some years working for online journalism in Brazil, I started focusing my career on gastronomy in 2006 by writing a weblog about food. The blog, Guloseima - www.guloseima.net - (a Portuguese word for “gourmandise”, in French, or something like “sweets”, in English) still remains online and, since the very beginning of it, my interest in gastronomy only grew. That blog led me to write for a food magazine in Brazil, as assistant-editor, and also to write a book about breakfast, launched last year.

So, the first time I saw HEG program, in 2008, I realized that that course was made for me. And my expectations were not frustrated. I took part of the HEG program in 2010, and I can say that it was one of the best things I ever did in my life. Not only because of the great food, the amazing restaurants and all the great lectures I took part of, but because HEG have changed my life in so many ways, not only professionally.

Because of the HEG program, I happened to meet some wonderful people from France (a country that I love and respect), Brazil and from all over the world. From countries like Australia, Malaysia, Korea, United States, England, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Hong Kong... I spent a really great time with friends from all these countries and I believe that this friendship will last forever.

As a Brazilian food journalist and writer, I can say that all the experiences we had at the HEG program contributed a lot to my job here in Brazil, of course, but the experience goes far even further. I not just only met great people, great teachers and great food and drinking: I could taste the very flavor of gastronomy. And of true friendship."

Thesis : Serra Gaúcha, Brazil : the dawn of a terroir for sparkling wines

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Clinical research consultant

« HEG is intense and dense!

The various topics will capture your attention and imagination, and will challenge you every day.

This is not a casual program, but geared toward serious students who have a passion for the vast spectrum of the gastronomic world - from publishing to wine to physics to neurobiology to chocolate to economics, and more.

Be prepared to be blown away by some of the leading experts in their fields. The meals in Reims were a highlight, and best of all, you will make friends to last a lifetime. »

Thesis : Truffle cultivation in the United States

04 Dec 2012 In Testimonials

« My two weeks in Paris and Reims attending the HEG program have provided me with a rich and enjoyable immersion into French food ways and global perspectives of taste, gastronomy and the arts of the table. I found the course to be both stimulating and informative. It allowed me significant opportunities to debate gastronomy issues with experienced professionals, and the chance to discover different approaches to taste.

Pedagogical dinners were outstanding, and increased my understanding on fields like medieval and molecular gastronomy; and those at Les Crayères and Champagne Louis Roederer reminded me yet again of the beauty and long time tradition of the arts of the table and haute cuisine in France.

In a world, and industry, that are constantly evolving the multi-disciplined approach of the Hautes Etudes du Goût program is an asset to any professional that would like to advance his or her professional career. It has been a great privilege to bounce around ideas with a talented group of lecturers and professionals and extremely rewarding to exchange points of view and findings with fellow participants in a class environment.

The HEG curriculum makes you wonder and question many topics, and encourages you to look at them on a deeper level. I believe that after attending the program you will look at the world of gastronomy, and especially “taste”, from a richer and more challenging perspective.

I enjoyed every minute of it. »

Thesis : The art of afternoon tea: a gastronomic tradition steeped in history

04 Dec 2012 In Testimonials

Food and Travel writer; created her own catering business in Paris (Les Couleurs de la Méditerranée)

« Overall a very-well put together program. The multidisciplinary aspect was very well maintained.

We had great presentations with top quality experts. The organization and the timing was overall very good.

Really satisfying pedagogical dinners with great ambiance, food and wine pairings and top quality products.

I am very happy to have chosen the program for my career development. I am very satisfied with the structure. Looking forward to writing my thesis and put all the information I received into my project. »

Thesis : The Evolution of Sephardic Cuisine in Turkey – Five centuries of survival

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