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Robyn Gaiter, Alumna

From the bubbly mind of Herve This to the science behind the bubbles in champagne, within the Le Cordon Bleu HEG diploma you will find favourite topics and conversations. You will also develop new favourites from subjects that you previously knew little of.  The course is varied and intense. Come with an open mind and your senses will leave rewarded with knowledge far beyond any other educational program.

The Haute Etudes du Gout Diploma was my final unit of the Master of Gastronomy and Tourism program with Le Cordon Bleu and Southern Cross University in Australia. This is two weeks of excellent French content about numerous topics of gastronomy, not only from expert lecturers and professors but also passionate educators who want to share their information. This information often includes decades of study into topics and is delivered to the students in a cultured format.
Added to the education of the program is the sharing of authentic French food among likeminded colleagues. Education and themed dinners, bistro lunches,  wine matching and champagne tasting at various temperatures in beautiful champagne houses. What is not to love about this style of education..?

This was my first visit to Paris and Reims and I truly encourage all of my Masters colleagues – and anyone passionate about gastronomy - to complete this program.

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The Problem of Pleasure: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Morality and Ethics of Eating Well Kelly Donati

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Le Cordon Bleu, the leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes, will be giving a series of free culinary conferences by eminent University professors, researchers and experts in the food sector. These two hour conferences give those who are passionate about this field the chance to learn all about the scientific, sociological, historical and economic influences of a chosen theme linked to gastronomy and to interact with professionals from the culinary industry. Conferences 2016

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Meet Demet Güzey, HEG 2014 Graduate and discover her thesis: 'Food rituals and rites of passage among some of the ethnic minorities in Istanbul and reflections on food and social integration.' 

Demet Güzey is a food and wine expert from Istanbul. She earned a Ph.D. in Food Science from the US, and held various industry jobs as a product developer and innovation manager based in the Netherlands and France, before she has focused her attention to gastronomy and food writing.Demet Guzey

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Bourse 2016

This year again, Le Cordon Bleu offers a scholarship for the Hautes Études du Goût (HEG) programme.


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José Luis Cabanero, Alumnus

I learned about Hautes Etudes de Gout during my studies at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, I saw it as a good studies continuation to gain a deeper understanding about the culinary world.  From day one I was positively surprised about the deep knowledge exposed by the various professors and discovered wider aspects of Gastronomy.

A few weeks after the course I found myself providing deep insight into a variety of aspects pertaining to the gastronomic field, some of them out of my interest before, and also with stronger view in areas that were one of my core subject matters before the course. 

Professionally I run a gastronomic projects Business Incubator, Eatable Adventures. The variety of domains we need to cover is certainly wide, Hautes Etudes du Goût has reassured my ground in most of the areas needed to effectively manage new businesses and also has opened up and provided solid ground in new areas that are proving very relevant to develop these businesses. It is certainly a strong push into how to nurture good food based businesses. 

There are certain areas that were surprising for me; how tradition, going back to middle ages, shape a country culinary environment, how important is nutrition in our life, how taste can be managed and how it influences our eating habits, etc. Certainly areas I have discovered and feel compel to continue researching. 

The Off-class experience also had a remarkable impact, having previously obtained a Diplôme de Cuisine by Le Cordon Bleu Madrid I could experience Gastronomy in depth, understanding better the learnings from this training and how excepcional modern gastronomy is based on traditional techniques.  These learning events were an experience on their own, they proved to be a relaxed environment to interact with French top talent in the gastronomic field, providing an excellent insight on who a multiple and diverse companies excel in their own domain.

A fundamental part of the course are your peer students, in just two weeks we developed a solid team; we had interesting conversations among us and are still in close contact, advising each other as needed. To be a part of that team of students with similar goals and the will to collaborate and help when needed is a key component of the programme. 

A key take away for me was the definition of Gastronomy as the sum of excellent products, excellent techniques and love for what you do. Clearly Hautes Etudes du Goût is built upon the roots of that definition, excellent faculty, excellent programme and a team of experts that love to transmit the meaning of gastronomy to the world.

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Discover the new video! Listen to the Alumni testimonials and learn about the courses.HEG new video 2015

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Meet Danni WU, Program Manager of IBM, Beijing, China

Danni WU, HEG Alumna

At the beginning, I was interested with some courses to study the spirit of wine because I tend to be a freelance writer about the food and wine, and I found from internet that Le Cordon Bleu offers such great platform. However, I was immediately attracted by another program called Hautes Etudes du Goût, which sounded more interesting to me, who was looking forward to learning something related to the whole gastronomy world. Although I am from an oriental country, I do love the food and culture in the occidental world, which is a mystery to me. HEG provides me such great opportunity to learn 360 degrees occidental gastronomy especially focus on French cuisine, the leading one.

The course itself is a combination of multiple territories of the gastronomy world, all lectures are interesting, some easy to catch up, while some others can be very specialized. However, no matter what topic is delivered, the professors are always amazing because they know the best way to express the essential of the topic and make us understand the most excellent part of this field. I can say I loved each of the classes and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the professors for their dedication. I would also like to say that I was inspired everyday during the HEG weeks by lots of lovely ideas for my thesis just because of the courses, it is hard to choose and decide which topic because all of them are worth to make a further study as a thesis! Finally, I decided to choose the tea topic because the oriental tea ceremony is the weekly practice that I have been practicing for one year, and with regards the tea influence in Chinese culture, I do have some thinking and observation to bring it into an academic level.

The 2014 HEG alumni was a group of 12 nations, which represents a wide variety of cultures. Especially lots of people themselves have cross-culture background. Therefore, the group is even more than 12 nations. So it was interesting to exchange ideas with people from different fields, I could see the culture influence shown via way of taste, communication method, etc. The whole HEG family made me to feel so warm especially on the first day when I was a little bit upset due to the difficulty by the professional olfactory course, after communicating with my colleagues, I felt better because they made me be more confident with myself, and actually the courses afterwards during the two weeks helped me to look back for a further and better understanding.

Till today, I still remember that on the first night when I met the students of my class, Edwige told us that we will see a different ourselves after the intensive two weeks study. Yes, she was right, I can say that my life has been totally renewed with the HEG program.

Danni was ranked 2nd ex aequo among the Graduates of the 2014 HEG class, for her thesis: "The power of the leaves: a study of the tea influence on Chinese culture"

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Meet Kea-Lynne Bawtinheimer, HEG 2013 Graduate and discover her thesis: 'Plating Up   Pleasure:   Will an understanding of the   gastronomic   persona   of the   modern   American   diner   provide   a   recipe   for   success in   American   restaurants.'

From a professional standpoint, Kea brings forth over 10 years of leadership in the areas of marketing, communications and event management in both the business and the not-for-profit sector.Kea-Lynne Bawtinheimer

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2015 HEG - An exceptional program for a passionate and enthusiastic 11th Class

14 participants of 13 different nationalities, who were extremely motivated and eager to enhance their knowledge, made up the Hautes Etudes du Goût class of 2015.HEG 2015

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