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Chef/owner of a culinary educative program for children and teenagers

"My two weeks spent in the HEG program were life changing.

I learned more than I ever expected I would and have a renewed passion for learning about the food industry in general after hearing so many lecturers and their passion.

I am an entrepreneur and culinary teacher and I know that I will be a better teacher to my students because of the HEG program. I have new ideas for a curriculum to teach, for example I plan to host a Medieval Dinner of my own for some of my older students.

I have even taken a bit of French culture back home with me; before HEG, at my business, we either skipped lunch or ate it at our desks while working. After HEG I have implemented a 30 minute lunch period where all of my staff eats together as a group. This has brought us closer together in just a few short weeks and we have gotten some really great ideas for improvements for the business in these short periods.

It is always good to remember that food brings people together in a way that nothing else can, we teach this to our students but in our own busy lives managed to forget.

HEG and the great friends I made reminded me of how important meal time is in all of our lives ".

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Creator of an education program that promotes great food, the Culinary Arts and personal self development amongst young minds

« The HEG program was an eye-opener for me, and extended well beyond the scope I imagined it would. While it is filled with extremely enjoyable and relevant events and excursions - not to mention an abundance of exquisite food experiences - make no mistake: it is an intensive and rigorous program that offers an array of diverse subjects and ideas all related to aspects of food and wine production in France. The lecture themes cover all the high sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, social behavior), law, economics, politics and more, in a series of fun and interesting food topics.

The teaching faculty is sourced from the best institutions in the country, and each brings with them a unique style of delivery. Like all good intensive programs, this one is designed to initiate interest and discussion during classroom sessions, leaving the student eager to further explore the topic in more depth at the program's end. It's the best kind of learning experience.

As a food and cooking educator to young minds, the HEG program provided me with a myriad of invaluable material to enhance my learning modules. From the innate and learned taste behaviors of babies, to the laws governing terroir products in France and Europe, to the nature of raw vs. pasteurized cheeses, to the arguments for and against molecular gastronomy (art or eat ?), etc. The course has supplied me with valuable subject material as well as authority with which to influence the eating styles of my student charges. And the learning goes beyond the classroom, in the many lasting friendships I've made among my course colleagues from around the world.

Yes, you'll be quite learned and quite exhausted at the end of it, you will put on 14 pounds in as many days, and will burn your hands at least once on a hot pan handle - but I wouldn't trade the experience for any other. »

Thesis : From Banking to Baking : One man's journey teaching young minds the importance of healthy nutrition, and how to cook - through explorations in gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

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General Manager and Executive Chef, responsible for the complete food operations at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA

« My team of 400 prepares approximately 10,000 meals per day for 32 weeks a year. I love food and understanding how food relates to humanity on every level is highly interesting to me.

Upon first sight, Hautes Etudes du Goût, of all the programs I reviewed, offered the widest variety of coursework and the highest caliber of faculty. I work, full-time, and I needed and intense, condensed program. HEG is an intense, condensed program, but, in addition, after completing the coursework, I can also say that it was one of the most thorough programs and exceeded my expectations beyond any preconceived notion. Quite honestly, my participation has helped mold me into a different and positive mind set, thus affecting my life in a great way.

For anyone that loves food, has an interest in humanity and wants an opportunity to learn a significant amount in a positive environment, I cannot say enough laudatory things about this program, except for, "you need to apply and do it."

In addition to the wonderful content, the program was extremely well organized between two institutions and two cities, a feat that was impressively executed. »

Thesis: The Cascade effect: the metaethical impact of our relationship to food

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Destination marketing consultant

"The HEG program and its dedicated faculties not only gave me the opportunity to assimilate diverse and rich knowledge of contemporary food studies, but also instilled within me the profound heritage of French cuisine which inspires me about intangible culture appreciation, sustainable development and place identity back in the East".

Thesis: Terroir foodscape of Hong Kong – A glance of food culture and place identity of the « Asia World City »

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Senior Director for a food product development company

"The curriculum is incredible both in scope and caliber. Academics from France's most prestigious universities, with specialties as varied as children's eating patterns, to bubbles in champagne, came and shared their knowledge with us. We heard about terroir -how sense of place- the air, the soil and hard work of man work together to make food and wine that are very special and cannot be replicated elsewhere. We debated molecular gastronomy - and its place as science vs. nourishment vs. art. From marketing professionals to experts on the physiology of taste, from the medieval table to the globalization of our food supply, we soaked up tons of new knowledge. By day we listened intensely, by evening we discussed and debated what we had learned that day.

We were treated to incredible food experiences. We participated in the third ever "note by note" dinner by Hervé This atthe famed Cordon Bleu in Paris. In the cellars of Charles Heidsieck we celebrated our arrival in Reims with jeroboams of 1989 vintage Champagne. It was magical...

Upon completing my thesis I will hopefully head back to Reims next October for the graduation ceremony, where I will have the chance to meet up with my fellow "gastronomes" and new found friends.

The course may be over, but each day in some way I use the knowledge and experience I garnered on the course in either my professional or personal life. Whether food is the foundation of your career or your personal passion, treat yourself to two weeks of incredible learning. I would not trade the experience for the world - and will always be grateful to HEG for the learning, the food, the wine, the friends... Merci bien".

Thesis: In Search of Canadian Cuisine

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Cooking chef and restaurant owner

« Throughout my career, I tried to develop my training in the various fields of the world of gastronomy (culinary techniques, management, nutrition, wine-making, etc.) in Spain and also in France.

I had been hoping for a training program that would deal with the social, cultural, historical and scientific aspects of food, such as the Hautes Etudes du Goût's innovative and multidisciplinary approach to gastronomy.»

Thesis : The role of catholic theology in the development of European Gastronomy

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Cooking chef and restaurant owner

“I have been working as a chef for the last fifteen years and have always endeavored to produce quality food linked to seasonal produce and authentic flavors.

I like to follow up any opportunity to develop my career plan, and regular training programs enable me to keep up with the latest trends in cuisine.

Top ranking professionals in the educational program and the diversity of the information all contributed to a more open-minded approach to the acquisition of knowledge, an asset in daily life.”

Thesis: The great history of brandade

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General manager of the Culinary Institute of Norway

« I enrolled at the Hautes Etudes du Goût in order to learn more about gastronomy, the world of taste and sciences connected to the food industry.

The Hautes Etudes du Goût course program provided me with new and surprising knowledge: the lecture on molecular gastronomy provided a new world, the lectures given in sociology and neurophysiology were very interesting and those on the history of gastronomy made me a lot wiser than I was.

All that I learned here will be useful in one way or another in my job as the managing director of a culinary school and to the consultancy company I also work for, which only deals with food and drink.»

Thesis: Food trends 2009

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Restaurant concepts creator - Manager of Café Pleyel (Paris)

« After more than 10 years of rich, professional activities in the world of gastronomy and the restaurant business, I felt the need to broaden my horizon and to deepen my knowledge. I also wanted to increase my theoretical knowledge on certain topics, as I have many contacts with foreign professionals and it is always useful to learn more.

The variety of the program offered at Hautes Etudes du Goût, together with the quality of the lecturers truly captivated me. I met people from many different places, which was also very interseting.

The classes opened new perspectives for further reading and research in order to enrich my personal life.

I feel like I have acquired some new musical notes and new techniques with which I can play to develop new projects. »

Thesis : Chocolate: universal or cultural product?

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Beer specialist and educator

« I gained a lot from the teachings given at Hautes Etudes du Goût. I acquired a larger vision on the world of taste and gastronomy (I only had a partial and limited one), as well as an open-mindedness due to the fact that I was able to interact with people who were not from my own professional sphere.

I acquired some knowledge which has been immediately useful: sociology, neurophysiology, psychology of taste, history of gastronomy, etc... I still keep in touch with the students of my class, with the professors from La Sorbonne, as well as with my mentor.

The program immediately enhanced the value of my professional activity (beer expertise) and increased my credibility with journalists. I can now enrich my speeches at conferences.

I started to develop an "art of living surrounding beer", inspired by the arts of the table and the French fine living tradition (for an operation named "Bistro stories").

I carried on some further research in history, geography, products and packaging.

I have also had new opportunities to widen my professional sphere: I give some conferences in some university programs (enology), with some professional associations (sommeliers) and take part in various symposiums.

Attending this course program allowed me to gain a better understanding of the way we smell and taste. I reached a universality I did not have before, because I had only been trained to beer expertise.

I put into practice what I had learned in class to help my company's quality and marketing departments ».

Thesis: Textual analysis on beer tasting

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