Graduation for students of the 2014 class

05 Nov 2015

The graduation ceremony for the Diplôme Universitaire du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table, awarded by Reims Champagne-Ardenne University, was organized at the Cellier October 19, 2015, and we were honored to welcome:

  • Mr. Gilles Baillat, Reims Champagne-Ardenne University President
  • Mr. Jacques Meyer, First vice-president of Champagne-Ardenne county council and responsible for higher education
  • Mr. Pascal Labelle, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, representing Mr. Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims and Mrs. Catherine Vautrin, President of Reims Metropolis
  • Mrs. Lucette Poletti, state education inspector (Reims Region)
  • M. Rémi Krug, Président des Hautes Etudes du Goût
  • Mrs. Colette Padet, Pedagogical Director DUGGAT
  • Mrs. Sylvy Morineau, Le Cordon Bleu Paris Academic Director

2014 Graduates, who came all the way from Costa Rica, the United States, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, the Philippines and Singapore for this special event, were able to interact with new students.

The 2014 Class valedictory is Demet Güzey (Turkey) for her outstanding thesis entitled: Food rituals and rites of passage among some of the ethnic minorities in Istanbul and reflections on food and social integration.
In joint 2nd place:

  • Danni Wu (China)

Thesis: The power of the leaves : a study on the tea influence on Chinese culture

  • Airah Galamay (Philippines)

Thesis: A study on the Philippines' definition of a chef and how it translated traditional Filipino principles into the country's substandard culinary field

3rd: Mary Brighton (USA)
Thesis: Teenage food preferences : the rôle of Taste, Odor and Emotions

Their classmates:

  • Sivan Amsalem (Israel)

Thesis: Is it possible to submit French cuisine to kashruth laws ?

  • Pamela Castro Alvarado (Costa Rica)

Thesis: Physiology of taste : an analysis for a better understanding of the world of taste, gastronomy and tableware

  • Chantal Cerise (Italy)

Thesis: HEG parameters: evaluation tools and business support

  • Clement Chan (Hong Kong)

Thesis: The gastronomy of Cantonese cuisine

  • Niel Gow (Australia)

Thesis: Leveraging gastronomic science and culinary trends to embetter society's ability to eat well, now and in the future

  • Tommy Lam (Singapor)

Thesis: Sommelier's gastronomy responsability

  • Bertrand Le Rai (France)

Thesis: The apprentices of taste

  • Diana Moutsopoulos (USA)

Thesis: Beyond protected designation of origin : promoting and protecting the feta name worldwide

  • Adebola Okuwoga (Nigeria)

Thesis: The effects of cultural identity on gastronomy : on how choice of food is affected by the cultural disposition of a people or an ethnic group

  • Shannon Osburn (USA)

Thesis: Social media : has it changed the way we eat and perceive food ?

  • Tamara Stelmach (USA)

Thesis: Molecular gastronomy's connection to cuisine

The evening continued with a cocktail reception with Veuve Clicquot cuvées.

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