Sophie Thillaye du Boullay Winner of the Le Cordon Bleu 2012 Scholarship for the Hautes Etudes du Goût program

01 Aug 2012

Sophie Thillaye du Boullay is the winner of the partial scholarship offered by Le Cordon Bleu International for one of its most prestigious programs: Hautes Etudes du Goût.

27 year-old Sophie has been a temporary volunteer for UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development in London since September 2010. After her studies in Agricultural Engineering at the Ecole d’Ingenieurs de Purpan in Toulouse, she went to the United States to complete an internship in organic farm management and organic product specifications. She has also conducted work study as a journalist in agricultural politics in Brussels and Paris and carried out research on sustainable water management in Brazil.

Colette Padet, Director of Studies for HEG at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Rémi Krug, Chairman of Hautes Etudes du Goût and Professor Roger Haden from Le Cordon Bleu Australia were members of the jury. The jury was impressed by Sophie’s motivation to bring together three main sectors, agriculture, food distribution and the culinary industry. Sophie’s personal and professional experiences have given her significant knowledge of sustainable agriculture, intensive organic producers and breeders, export processed products, short circuits in mass distribution, modes of production and consumption.

Sophie’s main objective in attending HEG is to “play an important role in the education of future culinary professionals and enthusiasts, to sensitize them to contemporary agricultural, social, environmental and food related challenges in order to develop sustainability and healthy consumption.”

She will be just one of 25 participants from around the world who will attend the annual HEG.

Now in its 8th year, Hautes Etudes du Goût (‘Advanced Studies in Taste,’ or ‘HEG’) is a unique program for graduates and experienced professionals with a passion for learning and gastronomy.

The Hautes Etudes du Goût’s commitment is to provide students with the cultural, sociological, scientific and economic tools needed to enhance their professional skills and enrich their personal lives.

In addition to the wonderful experience of HEG, students will graduate with a Diploma from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne after having satisfactorily completed a written exam and a thesis.

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