Javier VAYA-SABBATELLA (Melbourne, Australia) - 2009 graduate

« My two weeks in Paris and Reims attending the HEG program have provided me with a rich and enjoyable immersion into French food ways and global perspectives of taste, gastronomy and the arts of the table. I found the course to be both stimulating and informative. It allowed me significant opportunities to debate gastronomy issues with experienced professionals, and the chance to discover different approaches to taste.

Pedagogical dinners were outstanding, and increased my understanding on fields like medieval and molecular gastronomy; and those at Les Crayères and Champagne Louis Roederer reminded me yet again of the beauty and long time tradition of the arts of the table and haute cuisine in France.

In a world, and industry, that are constantly evolving the multi-disciplined approach of the Hautes Etudes du Goût program is an asset to any professional that would like to advance his or her professional career. It has been a great privilege to bounce around ideas with a talented group of lecturers and professionals and extremely rewarding to exchange points of view and findings with fellow participants in a class environment.

The HEG curriculum makes you wonder and question many topics, and encourages you to look at them on a deeper level. I believe that after attending the program you will look at the world of gastronomy, and especially “taste”, from a richer and more challenging perspective.

I enjoyed every minute of it. »

Thesis : The art of afternoon tea: a gastronomic tradition steeped in history

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