Shai KARIDI (Haïfa, Israël) - 2008 graduate

Cooking instructor in a hotel management school

« For a long time my goals and wishes were to become a better teacher and I did my best to keep on studying by reading and collecting information as much as I could. My first acquaintance with the HEG program was "love at first sight". Trying to frame this "once in a life time journey to the Olympus of knowledge and gastronomy" in a few words would be almost a sin.

Still, I am willing to take the risk. Or like old Frank Sinatra sang "Start spreading the news" I want to shout to the world something huge is happening in France once a year!

It has been a spiritual, emotional, professional and international experience. Now almost three months after being back home to family and work I still find myself occupied with this journey on a daily basis.

At home I absorb. I read, learn, translate and work on the great amount of material, wisdom and knowledge we were privileged to learn from the best of the best.

At work I pick the fruits every day. YES I became a better teacher. I can't say I am done, and the way hopefully will never end. And still with a hand on my heart, life looks brighter.

I was promoted at work. I got some brand new projects; I opened new advanced culinary courses for an official diploma, and every day a new door or window is opening to me.

Every minute of the day, I realize how much I learned and enriched myself in so many ways. It was more than anybody with a passion for food and gastronomy could dream of ».

Thesis : the Israeli Breakfast : development and characteristics

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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