Pauline NI LUANAIGH (Ireland) - 2007 graduate

Account planner in an advertising agency

« My interest in the diploma stemmed, first and foremost, from a personal interest in gastronomy and from a strong desire to acquire a richer and more in-depth understanding and knowledge of its workings. The all encompassing nature of the course appealed to me greatly.

The content of the course was as varied as it was interesting. The lectures were as exceptional as they were intriguing. All those involved, from the students, lecturers and our wonderful course facilitators enriched the experience all the more.

My role as an account planner in a large advertising agency requires rigorous questioning and scrutiny of consumers in an attempt to differentiate between mere 'fashion' and real cultural trends, always with the understanding that richer knowledge leads to greater, more creative advertising. This diploma, in much the same way, uses these same investigative skills, leading to a much greater understanding and appreciation of the wonderful world of gastronomy.

The diploma genuinely exceeded my already high expectations. It was professional, well organized and a pleasure to be part of.»

Thesis : The privilege of time: a critical analysis of the seemingly elitist Slow Food movement in Ireland

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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