Warren LOBO (Toronto, Canada) - 2011 graduate

Creator of an education program that promotes great food, the Culinary Arts and personal self development amongst young minds

« The HEG program was an eye-opener for me, and extended well beyond the scope I imagined it would. While it is filled with extremely enjoyable and relevant events and excursions - not to mention an abundance of exquisite food experiences - make no mistake: it is an intensive and rigorous program that offers an array of diverse subjects and ideas all related to aspects of food and wine production in France. The lecture themes cover all the high sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, social behavior), law, economics, politics and more, in a series of fun and interesting food topics.

The teaching faculty is sourced from the best institutions in the country, and each brings with them a unique style of delivery. Like all good intensive programs, this one is designed to initiate interest and discussion during classroom sessions, leaving the student eager to further explore the topic in more depth at the program's end. It's the best kind of learning experience.

As a food and cooking educator to young minds, the HEG program provided me with a myriad of invaluable material to enhance my learning modules. From the innate and learned taste behaviors of babies, to the laws governing terroir products in France and Europe, to the nature of raw vs. pasteurized cheeses, to the arguments for and against molecular gastronomy (art or eat ?), etc. The course has supplied me with valuable subject material as well as authority with which to influence the eating styles of my student charges. And the learning goes beyond the classroom, in the many lasting friendships I've made among my course colleagues from around the world.

Yes, you'll be quite learned and quite exhausted at the end of it, you will put on 14 pounds in as many days, and will burn your hands at least once on a hot pan handle - but I wouldn't trade the experience for any other. »

Thesis : From Banking to Baking : One man's journey teaching young minds the importance of healthy nutrition, and how to cook - through explorations in gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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