Testimonial - Danni WU (Beijing, China) - Alumna 2014

Meet Danni WU, Program Manager of IBM, Beijing, China

Danni WU, HEG Alumna

At the beginning, I was interested with some courses to study the spirit of wine because I tend to be a freelance writer about the food and wine, and I found from internet that Le Cordon Bleu offers such great platform. However, I was immediately attracted by another program called Hautes Etudes du Goût, which sounded more interesting to me, who was looking forward to learning something related to the whole gastronomy world. Although I am from an oriental country, I do love the food and culture in the occidental world, which is a mystery to me. HEG provides me such great opportunity to learn 360 degrees occidental gastronomy especially focus on French cuisine, the leading one.

The course itself is a combination of multiple territories of the gastronomy world, all lectures are interesting, some easy to catch up, while some others can be very specialized. However, no matter what topic is delivered, the professors are always amazing because they know the best way to express the essential of the topic and make us understand the most excellent part of this field. I can say I loved each of the classes and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the professors for their dedication. I would also like to say that I was inspired everyday during the HEG weeks by lots of lovely ideas for my thesis just because of the courses, it is hard to choose and decide which topic because all of them are worth to make a further study as a thesis! Finally, I decided to choose the tea topic because the oriental tea ceremony is the weekly practice that I have been practicing for one year, and with regards the tea influence in Chinese culture, I do have some thinking and observation to bring it into an academic level.

The 2014 HEG alumni was a group of 12 nations, which represents a wide variety of cultures. Especially lots of people themselves have cross-culture background. Therefore, the group is even more than 12 nations. So it was interesting to exchange ideas with people from different fields, I could see the culture influence shown via way of taste, communication method, etc. The whole HEG family made me to feel so warm especially on the first day when I was a little bit upset due to the difficulty by the professional olfactory course, after communicating with my colleagues, I felt better because they made me be more confident with myself, and actually the courses afterwards during the two weeks helped me to look back for a further and better understanding.

Till today, I still remember that on the first night when I met the students of my class, Edwige told us that we will see a different ourselves after the intensive two weeks study. Yes, she was right, I can say that my life has been totally renewed with the HEG program.

Danni was ranked 2nd ex aequo among the Graduates of the 2014 HEG class, for her thesis: "The power of the leaves: a study of the tea influence on Chinese culture"

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