Benoit Lecoq-Vallon (France) - 2012 student

«  I have always been attracted to the world of gastronomy and taste in general, and so I have always been on the lookout for any training courses that could answer  two questions: “Do I really want to work in the gastronomy sector? And if the answer is yes, then in which sector and in which particular discipline?

Several aspects of the Hautes Etudes du Goût caught my eye: a short training course (important for me), a multi-disciplinary program focusing on taste (both in practice and in theory), and the added obligation of the presentation of a thesis requiring in-depth thought on a particular subject.

Now that I have finished the course, I can honestly say that I was not at all disappointed! All the instructors were of a high quality, all sharing the same passion for the world of taste. An extremely rewarding two weeks with cultural exchanges with the participants from the four corners of the earth.

I realize now that I really want to work with taste; if I haven’t yet worked out exactly how, with all the experiences at the HEG, I certainly have all the elements I need to try and determine my future.

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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