Marisa D'VARI (New York, USA) - 2012 Student

Marisa D'VARI - Luxury travel and fine wine writer

Mr. Remi Krug and Mrs. Colette Padet have organized one of the most intriguing multi-disciplinary courses in the world, with a diploma for successful students coming from the prestigious University of Reims. Edwige Régnier, project manager, spends the entire year orchestrating the stimulating program with energetic experts from France's top universities, and arranging the well-chosen and often sumptuous venues for teaching dinners and lunches.

Beyond the unique educational aspect, what I valued most was the opportunity to meet exciting colleagues who share my interest in wine and gastronomy from around the world, as well connect with the gastronomic thought leaders in France.

Mrs. Padet and Mr. Krug explained that students are "ambassadors" for this program, and it's true -- I heard about it from a trusted colleague (and HEG graduate) in the Masters of Wine program, whose opinion I respect very much. Everything she said turned out to be 100% true, and in the fullness of time I hope to obtain my diploma, re-unite with my 2012 class, and continue our connection through our HEG blog.

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